Friday, June 21, 2013

It's a Tadpole Eat Tadpole World

Yep. It's a tadpole eat tadpole world.

Our tadpole population has seen a mysterious and steady decrease as of late. I've been wondering if the bizarre looking water bug dwelling in one of the containers has been eating them, so today I took some time to catch him and get him out of there. But the horror I observed instead was shocking...

The bigger tree frog tadpoles swimming around the top will pause every now and then and oh so very gently nibble on another tadpole's tail. If the nibble-ee gets easily offended and swims vigorously away, all is good.

If the nibble-ee does NOT get easily offended and swim away, the nibble-er goes ahead and takes another nibble. And another. And another. Very soon one or two more of the larger tree frog tadpoles join him and sadly, that's all she wrote for the nibble-ee. :(

I went ahead and took the biggest tree frog tadpoles out and put them in an isolation tank...I mean, set them up with their own private and quite lovely habitat.  I also relocated to another container all the toad tadpoles and the tiniest of the tree frog tadpoles as well.  And per someone's sage advice I added some cooked bacon to all the containers - which seems to be helping a little.

Moral of the story and life lessons learned:

#1. If someone nibbles on you, get away from them super quick! Be annoyed, act offended, because your very life may depend on it.

#2. Apparently bacon tastes like tadpole.