Monday, July 8, 2013

Ninja Style Froggin' Skills: How I Totally Rock Nature Study

My husband is a cop. And not the "Officer Friendly, can I help get your poor little kitten out of that tree" kind of cop. Definitely more of a "by the book, just the facts ma'am" kinda guy. But this man of mine tolerates me and the kids having to stop and rescue pokey roadside turtles, the containers of caterpillars and slugs as our kitchen table centerpieces, and a tree frog and water snail nursery completely taking over our back deck area.  In fact, he often sends me texts and pictures when he's at work of all the frogs and toads he comes across late at night while he patrols. He's even been known to make a quick stop, buy a cheap container and bring home some wandering roadside critters for our nature studies. 

Recently, we were on our way home extremely late at night and my husband wanted to show us the area where he sees all the frogs and toads when he's on duty, so we drove out to take a look.  Low and behold, little frogs and toads EVERYWHERE!!!! Jackpot! :)

It would be at this moment, that both my husband, Tim, and my son, Zach, looked at *me* expectantly.  -_____-

Problem #1:  Libby (12) is the family frog whisperer. The girl with the net. The girl with the skill and the talent.  The girl who looks super-duper cute when she's out froggin' and critter catching.  And she was not with us.

Problem #2:  Zach (9) is a straight-up germaphobe. While he loves observing and assisting, he will not touch a frog or toad unless he has immediate access to a sink and lots of soap.

Problem #3:  No net in the van.

Problem #4:  No critter container in the van.

But still...this look of expectancy from the two men in my life.  So flash forward one hour later and here are my conclusions.

#1:  I totally ROCK when it comes to sneaking up on and catching little tiny frogs and toads with nothing more than my bare hands. In the dark. In the rain.  ROCK I TELL YA! :)

#2:  You can fit an extraordinary amount of amphibians in an empty 44oz. Speedway cup.  Looked a tad awkward for them but...

#3:  Crawdads crossing the road in the dark look an awful lot like giant spiders. Which should be noted that in the moment is utterly terrifying. :(

#4:  Judging from the sound of laughter coming from the van as I exercised my ninja-like froggin' skills...I do NOT look nearly as stinkin' cute as my daughter Libby does when she does it.

The End.