Monday, August 12, 2013

Enjoy the Journey

We homeschooling moms are hard on ourselves.  We take an immense amount of pressure and expectations and pile them up squarely on our already over burdened shoulders. And not just our own expectations.  Oy, as if that wouldn't already be more than enough. No, we go ahead and take to heart the expectations of others. Their plan. Their expectations. Their path. We relinquish our power and choice, our freedom and flexibility.  We allow someone else's idea as to what path our children should be traveling to become a burden to us and take the joy out of our homeschool journey.

What we end up telling ourselves is that this is what must be done.  Plow through.  Carry on. Keep on keeping on. Fight the good fight. Just get through it. We MUST. Because this is the only path to reach the destination we desire for our children.  A path on which we must constantly push them through things that are difficult and uninteresting. Struggle through all the brush and bramble and thorns. This is the journey our children must
make in order to be all that we want them to be.

What we need to realize is that this is not the *only* path. 
There are many. 

I know the other trails may be less traveled and a bit difficult to see clearly at first.  But they are there. You have to take the time...time to really look.  And you must be brave enough to step off the path you've been on. Be mindful that the expectations of others (friends, family, schools, curricula) do not have to be YOURS.  You have the glorious freedom and flexibility to decide what path you and your children travel. Take that power back and enjoy a homeschooling journey that is not fraught with struggles, frustration, and resistance. 

The destination is the same...but the way is easy and light. Be brave. Change the path you're on and enjoy the journey. The view is fantastic!