Monday, May 20, 2013

Homeschool "Attendance" - Look at the Learning

For all the homeschool moms stressing out and anxiously counting down the days till they've put in their 180 days and "school" is over...just call it now. :)

In schools, the 180 days of attendance is for funding purposes and all it really means is that the kids were "present" on a given day.  Translation - their butts were in the seat. It doesn't mean the kids were actually present...actively engaged and learning. 

We homeschoolers are blessed to be able to think past this limiting kind of "attendance". First of all, when are our children ever NOT present if we're counting just their physical presence?? I mean, really!?! ;)

Start keeping attendance for when your kids are actively engaged and learning...whether it looks like your idea of "school" or not. In fact, especially if not. :)  Learning does not stop on the weekends, it doesn't take summer breaks, it doesn't end at Christmas time. It's always there. Living life together, summer camps, nature walks, VBS, library programs, movies and documentaries, read aloud times, trips and vacations, sports, discussions and debates, family projects, passionately pursuing their interests, gifts and talents...these things count. Use them. 

We have this glorious freedom and flexibility. Let's not limit ourselves to what the schools have their hands bound by. We don't have to. Look instead at the real, authentic learning going on - not at "doing school". 

So...take that pressure off you and your kids. It's springtime. It's gorgeous out. Go have fun! :)