Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Frogs and Tadpoles: A Rescue Mission

My 12 year old daughter is on a rescue mission.  While at her Nana and Papa's she discovered that their pool cover was home to probably close to a thousand teeny tiny tree frog tadpoles. 

She painstakingly transferred maybe 100 or so of them to containers. They are now enjoying their new home in my kitchen.

Isn't that where everybody keeps their tadpoles?? 

She also brought home 2 adult tree frogs who had been hanging out near the pool. We'll release them into our garden area where they'll be joined someday soon by a hundred or so mini-tree frogs.  Possibly more...since a second rescue mission is in the works before the pool cover comes off. 

What exactly does one do with a thousand baby tree frogs?? :)